I do creation and conceptual design of digital and printed graphicdesign.

Logo Design

Husarzt Logo Circle
Logo Pakt Bern

Logotypes and Eventlabels that pop out wherever they are applied.

I focus on the needs of my clients weather it be a Symphonic Orchestra, a Punkband or a Sciencecompany.

Flyers & Postcards & Posters


A valued postcard can make it onto the fridge of your client.

and a good looking Business card leads the way into the contact app of your next client.

In times of digitalization carefully crafted prints are still well received goods.


Meteotest Wettericons

Universal Symbols for the communication on small spaces.

Corporate Design

Meteotest Auto

All these disciplines come together under the term «Corporate Deisgn». I care for a harmonic ensemble of the different parts so your appearance is coherent and recognisable.



Hus 1

I plan & design & code simple functional websites who are inviting firendly and simple to use.

I use the Content Management System CraftCMS so my clients can add and edit the content themself.


Uefa Logo
Hslu Logo
Meteotest Logo
Kanton Bern Logo
Swiss Economic Forum Logo